Friday, July 08, 2005

Video Archives Shut Down

At first I thought the only problem storing Ella's videos was the amount of storage space needed to house them, which is why I took to deleting older ones from the server. While the storage issue can be managed by continually deleting the oldest videos when new ones are uploaded, the same can't be said for the bandwidth issues. My hosting service that I pay for allows for 2 GB of traffic in a month. I just received an email saying that I had already passed the 3 GB mark on traffic with still 11 days in my billing cycle. Increasing my bandwidth allocation is cost-prohibitive at this time, given our current situation. So, sadly, "Ella: The Video Collection" will be temporarily shut down until further notice.


At 5:14 PM, Blogger Kate said...

Very cute baby blog you got here!

I'm sorry that you have to take a break from the videos. I try not to spend any unnecessary money on the whole blogging thing myself. I hope your situation improves soon.


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